Constructed Response

Constructed Response is an effort to improve writing throughout the high school grade levels. These exercises will have a theme reflective of our video game design and development class and will include vocabulary from the list of test taking vocabulary words. Each exercise will be counted as part of your classroom contribution grade. Responses will be graded using the Laconia High Schol Constructed Response Rubric. Your weekly topics can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Process

  1. Each week you will receive a writing prompt. Some of these prompts will require a brief bit of research on your part.
  2. You will have 10-30 minutes upon completion of your research to write on that weeks topic.
  3. You will have the choice of composing in Google Docs or writing on paper and then typing your response into Google Docs. Either way, you will need to have an electronic version of your response in your class shared folder. At the beginning of each response, please copy the text of that week's prompt, as well as your name.
  4. You will print out a copy of your work for regular review by school administrators. These copies will be placed in your manila folder in the red binder.


  • You will complete each exercise with your best reasonable effort.
  • You will use standard English language (no text speak, g33k speak, etc.) with appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation.
    • You will answer the question directly, meaning that you will stay on topic rather than veer off on an unrelated tangent.


  • Define the question.
  • Explain your conclusions.
  • Cite examples.
  • Defend examples
  • Eliminate unnecessary words.


  • CR3 - Now that we know all of the Wiggin children, using one paragraph per child, describe both the positive and negative characteristics of each of them and give an example of this from the book. In a fourth paragraph, explain how Ender can, at the same time, embody BOTH the best and worst traits of both Peter and Val.
  • CR2 - February 16th - Describe, in as much detail as possible, the "Battle Room" of Ender's Game, as it was revealed in chapter 5. Identify the key components needed to create a video game based on the Battle Room and discuss how you would create a game that best duplicates the Battle Room experience.
  • CR1 - February 9th - Analyze Ender's encounter with Stilson. Formulate an opinion on Ender's rationale for handling this situation the way he did. Justify your position with specific examples from either the book or other world events of a similar nature. What were his motives? What unwritten rules of combat did he break? Why has he never had to do this before now?

Future potential topics

  • - Reflect on the relationship between your school environment and the school environment in Ender's Game. Justify your position with examples.
  • - Discuss the differences between the terms "hacker" and "cracker" as they apply to technology. Identify the primary traits of each term.
  • - Describe the process of game analysis and provide your own analysis of one of the games we've created in class. (Evil Clutches, Galactic Mail or Lazarus). Use at least 3 paragraphs.
  • - Reflect on the roles of games in society and write a short essay on what a game is and why we play them.
  • - Many people believe that television and video game violence has a negative impact on society because it encourages such behavior. Choose whether you wish to argue for or against this statement and write a letter to your elected official with supporting evidence and rationale.
  • - Summarize the main points of Chapter 5 of The Game Maker's Apprentice.
  • - Discuss the role of ethics in video game design. Identify specific games and use those games to illustrate your answer. Use the readings in the Articles section of the Ethics page to help your argument.
  • "Perhaps it's impossible to wear an identity without becoming who you pretend to be." - Valentine Wiggin, p. 231
  • "Two faces of the same coin, and I'm the metal in between." says Val about the relationship between the Wiggin siblings (p. 236). What can we infer about their relationship and what impact does this have on Ender's decision to leave Earth for Command School? Explain your premise and provide evidence to defend your conclusion.