Class Rules

Post date: Jan 28, 2011 1:56:03 PM

1. No Judgment Zone

We all come to this class with varying skills, talents and aptitudes. In order for everyone to learn, it is expected that all questions will be treated with respect. Better yet that we share our skills and talents with our classmates so that everyone can succeed.

2. Raise Your Hand

It can get very chaotic when everyone is talking at once and as we start getting into more complex topics it will be important for everyone to hear me. So as a sign of respect to both me and to your classmates, please raise your hands to ask or answer a question.

3. Everybody Contributes

There are no free rides here! Everyone is expected to contribute to group discussions as it will be rolled into your classroom contribution grade.

4. Give Me Your Best

This class is as good as YOU make it. If you give me your best, you won't be disappointed. I fully believe that each of you is capable of designing and developing your own game,but to build up the skills necessary in order to do so, you will find that there is a lot of work involved to get to that point.

5. Check the World at the Door

In this class, leave everything going on outside at the door. When you come in here, this is your chance to get away from everything else and focus on game design. Makes this room your sanctuary, and leave everything else behind!

6. Have FUN!

This is my favorite rule. Video games are fun and this class should be as well. Some of the games aren't very challenging. Once you've done the base tutorial, feel free to hack it, improve it, make it more challenging. As a matter of fact, I encourage that as it will help you improve your own skills.