Student Resources

Below you will find a number of terrific resources that will assist you in your growth as a game designer/developer. To the right you will notice a list of game design articles from the Gamasutra site. New articles will be posted here as they are posted. Even if we don't discuss them in class, these articles will provide you with invaluable information from practicing professionals. If you think a career in games is for you, I highly recommend that you read as many as you can to get the most variety in perspective. -&-


Game Engines

Sprite resources

Image Editors

  • GIMP - A free graphics editor. Similar to Photoshop and takes a little bit to learn but it's free!
  • Graphics Gale - ~$25 for editing icons and sprites

Music & Audio Editors

  • Audacity - Free audio editing software supporting multiple tracks and audio file format conversion.
  • Anvil Studio - Record, compose and edit MIDI audio tracks.
  • MIDI Database - Free MIDI tracks of current songs including several video game sound files.