Technology History Worksheet

As part of our discussion on copyright, the impact of technology cannot be ignored. Using the following questions as your guide, please explore the impact of your selected technology as it pertains to copyright law.


  1. Copy and paste this text into your own site page.
  2. Title the page "Technology History."
  3. Answer the following questions there.

These are just a few examples of technologies you might research: VCR, CD, DVD, Internet, web servers, P2P. Additional ideas can be found on the technology timeline.

1. Who invented, created, or sponsored the technology?

2. What was the technology designed to do? How was it used?

3. Who would benefit from using this technology?

4. What kinds of companies or organizations (stakeholders) might have been concerned about the development of this technology? Why?

5. Did an aspect of copyright law play a role in controversies about the technology? How?

6. Where did you find the above information? Provide the sources/citations for your research: