(re)Introducing the Game

Games are an integral part of human culture. Our earliest evidence shows that game culture dates back at least 5000 years.

Ponder this:

  • Why did we create games?
  • What purpose(s) do they serve?
  • What kinds of games are there?
  • What role do games play in our society today?

Brain Challenge: What kinds of games can you identify, how far back to they date? Research a game and do a brief description of its history.

You have 5 minutes to write down as many different types of games as you can think of. When the time is up, pick 5 of those games from your list and then go online and learn as much as you can about their history, when they were created, how they have changed over time, where they get played most often. Of the five, pick one to research and provide a one page detailed analysis of the game which includes the following:

  • Name of the game
  • When it was created
  • Where it originated
  • Objective
  • Rules

Reading: Gamasutra Article - Game Design Essentials: 20 Real-World Games

After completing the Brain Challenge, follow the link above and read the article. Compare what you read to the work you did in the Brain Challenge above.

If you can't access the link due to school filters, I have temporarily included the article as a PDF in the attachments section at the bottom of this page.

Game Challenge 1: Play a game*

Within the next day, make time to sit down and play a game, preferably a console title. Give yourself at least a half-hour. When you are done, write a brief summary of the experience.

(Remember that not all of us play the same titles so please be very descriptive about the game, it's objective, and your experience. - Mr. Martin)

Reading: YoYo Games Tutorial - Designing Good Games

Games as stories, Stories as games

What relationship exists between the two?

* Challenges are the product of Flint Dille and John Zuur Platten as written in "The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design"