Many of you have asked what I am looking for in our Reflections, so here is the basic gist. The Reflection will be a living document, by which I mean that it will be continually added to over the duration of our semester. If you haven't already, create a Google Doc (which needs to be added to your Shared VGD Folder) and title it Reflections. Each week I will ask you to think about two primary questions:

What challenged you this week

What successes did you have this week

(which may or may not be related to your challenges)

Each week we will be using the same G-Doc to compose and reflect. The most recent week should be at the top. PLEASE make sure that you put the date of your post at the beginning of each week's reflection.

I will forgive our initial reflection as we didn't have much to start with, but in the future I am looking for a thoughtful response which demonstrates your growth in this class. So 2 paragraphs per week, at the very least. You'll be talking all about you and your experiences so it should be pretty easy for you. Please start working on your spelling and grammar, which means that this shouldn't be done at the last minute.

Starting with this week's reflection, I will providing my own feedback to you on what you've written and anything that I've noticed over the week.

Happy Gaming!