Battle Room Design Challenge

Battle Room Brainstorm


Orson Scott Card has asked your team to design a video game based on the battle room he describes in his book, "Ender's Game." It is expected that your game will remain true to the artistic vision expressed in his book. As a design team, your task is to create an artistic vision statement to describe your game and to then identify the rule set necessary to create the game you envision.

You will need to:

  • Describe the objective of the game (why would people play it)
    • Describe the progression of the game (levels, complexity)
    • Identify the sprites required to represent your artistic vision
    • Define your rules system - which is comprised of the objects required and the general events/actions that each object will need. An interaction matrix similar to the one we used for the boxes in the Lazarus tutorial is a good way to show how objects react to one another.

In your discussion with Mr. Card, the following parameters were deemed essential:


    • zero gravity
    • has *stars* which can be configured by instructors
    • square environment
    • 2 doors, each on opposite ends of room


    • 2 "armies" - number of launchies in each to be determined by designers
    • use flash guns to freeze opponents suits
    • wear flash suits which freeze upon contact with beam from flash gun
    • number of hits to suit determines level of player paralysis

To Win

    • "Winning" army needs 5 players - 1 to each corner of door and 1 to pass through it
    • This may change according to complexity of game


    • "Hooks"
    • "Lines"
    • Training room with floating targets

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